Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Market research report service offered by Alltake Market Research (ATMR) are copyrighted publications which are provided to our clients in response to their purchase on our website. These reports are allowed to use for our client’s internal use and not for disclosure to third parties or general publications. Information of this service cannot be disclosed to any other third party without written permission. No part of report may be transmitted or reproduced in any form either photocopying or electronic without the permission of the publisher.

As reseller of market research report supplied by publishers, Alltake Market Research (ATMR) has no rights over the editorial content inside the report. Content inside the report is the copyright to publisher not of Alltake Market Research (ATMR). Market information offered by publishers are based on the secondary and primary market research of industry experts and thus is subject to variation. Alltake Market Research (ATMR) takes no responsibility for any incorrect or fluctuated market information provided by the publisher.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various modes of making payments

• Online Payment via Credit Cards (Visa Card, Master Card, American Express Cards)
• PayPal
• Bank Wire Transfer

The purchase of a 'Single User License' offers access to a specific report for a sole individual use that can not be shared with other entity/business unit within the same company. Wheras, the purchase of a 'Multi User License’ offers access to a specific report for 2 to 5 users within the same company.

The different forms of reports are as follows:

• Word/PPT converted into PDF
• PPT / Excel Spreadsheet (Depends upon the nature of report)

Yes, you can purchase individual chapter/sections of the report. You need to get in touch with our sales executive with required request, and they will assist you in this matter.

Once you are done with your purchase, the receipt will be sent to you via email.

All Take Market Research Limited offers easy purchase gateways to place order through following options:-
● Telephone: - Please call us on XXX sales executive will get in touch with you within 24 business hours and guide you for further procedure.
● E-mail:- Just drop a mail at providing your few details such as company, name, preferred mode of payment, billing address.After successful submission of required details, our executive will get in touch with you to proceed with the further  procedure.
● E-cart: - You can purchase required report directly through our user-friendly websites by using e-cart/online order process. You just need to select interested report into e-cart  by clicking “Buy  Now” and it will transfer the order to the authorized payment gateway.

1. Bank transfer: - Client make their payment by using net banking channel facility, payment gateways are secured with industry standard encryption technology.
2. Card payment: - Client can pay online via credit or debit card (MasterCard,VISA, American Express)

After the successful payment, a confirmation mail will be delivered in your mail address with payment invoice. Your requested research report will be delivered to you within 1-2 Days by your selected delivery method. 

To make payment easy and safe, we are using 128-bit SSL encryption supported by PayPal certified and Comodo secure. Also, you can E-mail us or call us, our sales executives will guide you to make your payment easier.