Home Automation Market And Its Continues Growth

Home automation also known as domotics refers to the automatic and electronic control of household features and appliances. Home automation involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security as well as home appliances such as washers, ovens, refrigerator  etc.

Some major factors are running behind the constant growth of home automation market the rise in electricity prices,  technological advancement are acting primarily on the growth of the automation market.

The entertainment market is considered to be the largest among home automation market.  Lighting comes as the second largest component in the home automation market.

Luxury home automation systems, mainstream automation home systems, managed home automation services are the primary apcets of home automation market. A large variety of devices are used in security control, recreation management , energy management and many more.

The networking technologies which are supporting in the mounting of home automation market are power -line automation systems, wired home automation systems, wireless home automation system and many more. With the increasing use of w- fi technology demand for wireless system management is expected to rise high.

North America controls a huge part of home automation market. Companies like Honeywell International Inc(U.S), Johnson controls Inc ( U.S), Acuity brands(U.S) are there in the rising market of home automation. Other countries like Europe, Asia Pacific are also there in the home automation market.