E Sim Card: A Revolutionary Stride In The Sim Market

Embedded Sim card is a neoteric word in the market of conventional sim cards. GSMA the association that represents network operators worldwide has just come up with the concept of this e-sim. So to give a brief description about what actually embedded sim is, we can say that the uniqueness lies in the concept that it is a sim which is inbult in the handset. No one will have the access to remove or replace it.

The E-sim card market is moderately emerging with the passing of time. The key factors which are helping in this extensive evolution are:

The advantages for a customer to have this e- sim card is that there is no need for a consumer to roam to distinctive shops to buy sim cards. The sim is already there so a customer is getting a phone with a sim card and a phone number already in it.

Secondly in the traditional sims the roaming cost is sky-high. The idea behind this e-sim is to create a sim which makes the end user to pay the same equivalent amount throughout the world.

With the rising awareness of IOT this e-sim cards will help to connect with other smart devices like connected cars, smart watches etc.

Some of the major names in this market are OT-Morpho, Apple, Samsung, Telefonica S.A and many more.

Geographically the market of e-sim card is segment into:

  • North America primarily U.S
  • Asia Pacific the rising awareness of embedded sim technology in M2M devices. Countries like Japan and China are hugely adopting this technology.
  • Middle East
  • Africa

In future we are anticipating to have a more improved and more preferable sim card which will make our life better.